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Welcome to ReSource CUSTOMER SERVICE.

The ReSource Customer Service team is committed to delivering answers to our customers in a professional, timely, and partnering manner. You can reach our U.S. based customer service team at 800-537-3621.

Our Goals:
  • To provide the best possible support to our customer base through competent, timely, and polite service.
  • To enhance the user’s operational success in using the ReSource Partner software.
  • To facilitate new customer installation, product understanding and satisfaction, as well as training and consultation.
About Us
While ReSource is headquartered in Denver, CO., a portion of our support staff operates from a branch office in Powell, Wyoming. Supporting ReSource products is our exclusive task. Our location is rural, but the high tech tools available to our staff enable us to provide support in a manner that rivals companies many times our size.

But technology is only part of the story. While our support tools are equal to larger companies, we believe our support staff is unrivaled. Superior customer service, delivered on each and every call, is the attitude we emphasize most. Developing relationships with our customers is an important key.

What This Means
Many of our customers we have worked with for years; we know their voices when they call, we understand their needs. Wouldn’t you like to call support staff and have them know you, be able to understand what they are saying, call you by your name, and remember your issue on the next call? With ReSource Customer Service, you will not only get answers, but you will also get this type of positive support experience.

Our support staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Working together, our team can find a solution to your issues. We understand that when you need an answer, you need it as soon as possible, delivered to you in a skillful manner, and with empathy for your need to keep your customers satisfied. You will get this when working with ReSource Customer Service.
WebAssist is just that–a form of assistance over the web. Many customers prefer to have their questions answered this way: instantly, and online. [use webassist]